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FREDERICK ENGINEERING, INCLinthicum Heights, Maryland

410-789-7890 x130
832 Oregon Ave Ste M Linthicum Heights, MD 21090-1425

Products & Services

ork, wan, lan, wlan, ds1, ds0, ds3, wireless lan, t1, t-1, e1, e-1, serial bus analyzer, serial, bus, analyzer, isdn , dds, dsl, adsl, monitor, monitoring, simulator, simulating, wireless, remote, telecommunication, rs232, rs-232, rs422, rs-422, rs423, airmagnet, handheld, rs-423, rs530, rs-530, rs449. rs-449,v.35, v.36, x.21, tester, test set, testing, 802.11 b, test equipment, hardware, 802.11, analyzer, analysis, protocol, decoder, ap impersonation, access point, rogue ap, mac spoofing, war driving, decoding, filtering, wifi, ipsec, troubleshooting, 802.11a, 802.11g, errors, frame relay, ss7, gr-303, gr303, eoc, lapb, lapd, dtmf, tone, emulation, security, wide area network, tone generator, bit error rate, bert, async, bisync, lan, switch, software, manager, management, diagnostic, sniffer, protocol, traffic, local area network, performance, ethernet, token ring, data communication
fe develps test equipment for voice and data networks; wide, local area, and wireless. non-intrusive monitoring, simulation, bit error rate testing (bert), protocol analysis, decoding, capture, call placement, over t1, e1, 80211, isdn, ds3, t3, dsl, dds, voip, frame relay, ss7, gr303, vf, dtmf trunk line circuits.

NAICS Code(s)

Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals

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